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Dr. Travis Romney & Dr. Alisha Romney
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I have really enjoyed the care and professionalism that I have received at Romney Chiropractc. Awesome Group! Thank you so much Dr. Travis and Group.

-Becky F.

I came in to see Dr. Travis because of a referral from my daughter for neck and wrist pain. Immediately, I felt relaxed and welcomed at the office. The staff is very professional and make you feel happy you came in. After the adjustments the neck discomfort decreased and my range of motion improved greatly. I am wearing my wrist brace less then previously when I am sewing. I am glad I listened to my daughter's recommendation! Thank you!

-Janet K.

I was referred after my car accident. I wanted to get checked for any injuries I may have acquired. With the help of Dr. Travis I have a much better understanding of my body and muscles. I was shown some good exercises for stretching those muscles. Chiropractic has helped me regain my range of motion and relieve the stiffness so that I can function and play with my kids again.

-Tia G.

I came to Romney Chiropractic after a horrible car accident. I am a hairstylist so I use all of my body and muscles to do my services. After the accident I had a shaking hand that was out of control and made me unable to perform certain services for my clients. After just a few adjustments I am now able to perform fully at work and my shaking hand is gone. Not only did they help me with me pain but they have also educated me on why my body feels the way it does. When I am in pain they take that into consideration and accommodate accordingly. I would recommend Romney Chiropractic to my friends and family! I love love love them.

-Samantha P. 

I was hit by a car while walking. Afterwards, I came in to see Dr. Travis to help with my pain. After the accident I was experiencing pain in my back, neck, shoulder and elbow. During my treatment at Romney Chiropractic I was also able to get help with pain from work and daily activities. I am now able to move around a whole lot better without any pain. Overall, my body is better than before my accident. Thank you Dr. Travis!

-Jake J.

I came to Romney Chiropractic after being in two car accidents. I began having pain all day every single day after my second accident. The pain was in my neck, back, shoulder and ribs. After continuing care with Romney Chiropractic for several months they have managed to get my pain down to almost nothing. Not only did they help me with my pain, they also referred me to a great attorney and helped me with the overall process of everything accident related.

-Derek F.

I began to have shoulder and hand pain after a major car accident. After the accident I was referred to a physical therapist where I was under care with them for about six months. Having been doing physical therapy for six months, there was no change in my pain or range of motion. By this time I had figured I would be living with pain for the rest of my life. After beginning treatment at Romney Chiropractic I could tell they were making a huge difference in my pain level. I have now been released from care and I have very very little pain in my shoulder and hand. Thank you so much Romney Chiropractic, you have really made all the difference!

-Keisha R.

After totaling my car in an accident I had extreme pain in my foot, neck and shoulder. I came to see Dr. Alisha to try and relieve my pain, however, I was a bit skeptical on whether or not chiropractic would benefit me. Little did I know, my back was out of alignment as well! After a while of care with Dr. Alisha my spine feels aligned when I lay down. In conclusion, I am now able to get out of bed and do my daily activities. Thank you Dr. Alisha!

-Ruth B.

I came into the chiropractor after an accident back in January. I was having pain in my shoulder and neck, as well as my upper and lower back. After the accident I wasn't able to walk or stand and I am happy to say that I am now able to walk and stand for long periods of time with very little pain!

-Snezhana S.

A car accident is what brought me into Romney Chiropractic. After the accident I was experiencing pain in both my knee and lower back, as well as headaches and dizziness. I was not able to do much after the accident because of being in too much pain, but now I can get up and about with my daily activities without much pain at all. Thank you Dr. Alisha and Dr. Travis!

-Maria N.

I had been experiencing pain in my back for four weeks before I decided to come into Romney Chiropractic. I was a bit worried about trying a manual adjustment because I did not want to jar my back into more pain. When I explained this to the doctors I was relived to hear that Dr. Alisha's practice is different than the traditional chiropractic practice. Instead of manually adjusting she used a tool called an activator. After only two weeks of treatment with Dr. Alisha I can now get back to my daily activities pain free. Thank you so much!

-Carolyn K. 

I came into Romney Chiropractic hoping for a full recovery from a car accident I had back in February. I had severe low back and neck pain as a result of my accident and Dr. Travis worked with me to recovery. I feared that I would no longer be able to do my daily activities because of my severe pain, however, Dr. Travis has made it possible! Thank you so much Romney Chiropractic, without you I would not be able to continue my life as I know it.

-Abdalla S.

I came to Romney Chiropractic because Dr. Travis suggested that I come in. Dr. Travis has helped me correct my posture and has made it possible for me to continue my daily activities without any pain. Not only have the doctors helped me with my pain, but they have also helped me improve my health overall. I am able to play ball like I haven't for years, I was surprised at how hard I was able to push myself and keep going without causing any pain. I love being a patient at Romney Chiropractic, thank you!

-Michael S.

I originally came to Romney Chiropractic because I hurt my back in a work injury. Dr. Travis helped me with problems I didn't even know I had, for example, my neck and lower back. In the beginning I could not lift anything or move much without pain and I am now able to lift 30 pounds and move around a whole lot more! Thank you so much Romney Chiropractic!

-Heather N.

Dr.s Travis and Alisha Romney are excellent Chiropractors. They are friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable about not just alignments but overall health and wellness. I have learned so much since I switched my chiropractic services to them and they have given me the tools and information I need to make positive changes to my daily wellness activities. Romney Chiropractic also has a pleasant healing atmosphere and they offer both traditional chiropractic care, and a type of chiropractic care that was new to me that uses "activators". This new kind of treatment was so amazing! Now I can't decide which I like better. I strongly recommend visiting Romney Chiropractic.

- Michele E.

I originally came to see Dr. Romney because I was in a car accident which caused me to have low back pain, neck pain, right knee pain and right foot pain. Not only did the doctors help me with all of my pain, they helped me learn to be more relaxed and at ease. Chiropractic has enhanced my daily activities tremendously! I wasn't able to wear my heels at all and now I am able to stand and walk a few steps in them. I am now able to take care of myself whereas I was not able to before. Thank you Romney Chiropractic!

-Shay M.

I was experiencing severe back pain due to two back surgeries, and I expected a third was probable. I came to see Dr. Travis Romney and he has completely eliminated my pain! He has taught me many stretches and exercises for good back health, as well as proper lifting, sitting and standing. I can now resume my normal activities that used to be affected by my back pain. I would recommend visiting Romney Chiropractic, they are fantastic!

-Peter S.

Dr. Alisha has really helped relieve my muscle spasms and the after-affects of my whiplash injury and age-related pain. She is wonderful! I had tried other chiropractors who did not use the activator technique... they were not helpful, in fact they worsened my pain.  I recommend trying the activator technique to everyone! Thank you so much Dr. Alisha!

-K. D.

I have received care from both Dr. Travis and Dr. Alisha and the results have been wonderful. Their focus involves chiropractic care and a plan to help you with your health and well-being. I am so glad to have found them, I recommend them to all friends and family!

-Linda C.

I thought I would try the chiropractor for the first time, because of a slip and fall at the bottom of the stairs. Dr. Travis Romney adjusted my neck, shoulder and rib underneath my left shoulder blade that has been causing me pain for the last 18 years (no more pain, had I known this I would have gone to the chiropractor sooner). I had to do a few exercises and do several adjustment to make the rib stay. He helped improve my posture through spinal and shoulder adjustments and increase my range of motion in my neck through adjustments and teaching me exercises. I have gone from three times per week to twice a week, to once a week and now just as needed. I have taken my entire family here and cannot thank Romney Chiropractic enough!

-Julie K.

I originally came to Romney Chiropractic because of long-term lower back pain. While Dr. Travis was working on my back, I mentioned that for years I have been bothered by a pain in my shoulder that wasn't able to be diagnosed by any other doctor.  I had been on pain medication for one year, Dr. Travis did one adjustment and my shoulder pain never bothered me again! I feel great and I no longer take pain medication. Thank you Dr. Travis!

-Jessica W.

US Healthworks recommended Dr. Travis because I was injured at work. I am so glad I came in! Dr. Travis has helped me ease my lower back pain! I am feeling good and able to do my normal daily activities with no problems now! Dr. Travis did and an excellent job and I highly recommend him to anyone!

- Gilberto M.

I was involved in a car accident and wasn't sure where to go. After going online and finding out that Romney Chiropractic was close to home and they had great reviews I figured  I wanted to go here. The reviews were spot on! They helped me heal from the pain I had from my car accident, as well as understand how muscles and bones work. By being more knowledgeable about these things, I was able to understand the process better. I am now able to move and drive normally without any pain or discomfort. Thank you!

- Gina D.

I started care with Romney Chiropractic because I was involved in an auto accident. Because of the great care I received I was relieved of my back pain not only from the accident but anything I was feeling prior to the accident is gone too!

-John B.

Because of a car accident I was in, I was having a lot of pain and discomfort in my back. With the help of the care I received at Romney Chiropractic and the home stretching techniques they gave me I was able to regain strength, motion and mobility to my back.

- Theresa S.

I love spending time with my daughters, going to the gym 4 times a week, and playing recreational sports. After my car accident I experienced extreme weakness in my shoulder, back, neck and knee. I wasn't even able to play with my kids or pick up my 10 month old without extreme pain and fatigue. But after just a few visits I was able to regain some ability to function in my fatherly duties. After a few months, I was well on my way towards a good recovery with the ability to be fully engaged in my daughters lives. Romney helped me reach the most important goal in my recovery, fully returning to my family!

- Nick M.

I was brought to Romney Chiropractic first because of a lower back injury that was unbearable all the time. With the care I received here I have had great success in getting my life back. Both Dr. Travis and Dr. Alisha are really great at what they do! They not only helped heal my back but they helped in improving my body and over all health. I would recommend this clinic to anyone!

- Zakaria A.

Originally came to Romney Chiropractic due to headaches caused by muscle trauma from a car accident making me uncomfortable and irritable, which affected my family and friends. With the treatment from Dr. Travis my headaches were greatly reduced making me able to enjoy my life at home again with my wife and twin baby boys. Chiropractic has helped improve my ability to focus because I am not having headaches which is important when working as a mechanic.

- Brett A.

I was rear ended and was diagnosed with whiplash and mid-back pain. After coming to see Dr. Travis I learned how our joints function and how things I do on a daily basis can effect how I feel. I would like to say thanks to everyone at Romney Chiropractic, with their help I am back to feeling 100% and able to do everything like I was pre-accident!

- Kyle K.

I was involved in a car accident and received a back injury. I saw Dr. Travis who helped step by step showing me what to do for my injury. He told me how important it is to follow these steps to strengthen and heal my body. By following these things it has made me stronger to perform my everyday tasks and overall makes me feel better. Thank you Dr. Travis for everything.

-Bryce C. 

I was in a car accident and hurt my lower back very bad! At first I thought I would never get better. I was really emotional. After I started treatment with Dr. Travis, he showed me exercises which helped me not only with strengthening my back but helped me emotionally too. With the help of chiropractic and Romney Chiropractic  I am able to be me again! I would recommend them to anyone who is having back problems!

James A.

I came into Romney Chiropractic because of my knee and shoulder pain I got from a car accident. Because of the chiropractic care I received I feel I have more movement now and it is making it easier to get through the day. Thank you Dr. Travis for your help!

Kevin M.

Back on July 17, 2015 I was driving for work as a delivery driver when I was hit by a drunk driver and totaled my car. Romney Chiropractic was able to relieve my neck and back pain through adjustments. They cared a lot about getting me to my appointments and scheduling the much needed therapies (message and physical therapy). With the help of Dr. Travis I am now able to walk around more, sleep better, and my appetite has improved as well. I can work full time hours with no pain. Best part all the activities I used to do are a lot easier to do with no pain! Thank you so much

Rebecca L.

I was rear ended at the end of May 2015. I couldn't move my neck at all and one of my friends recommended Dr. Travis to me. With the help of the doctor's at Romney Chiropractic I have gotten the mobility back in my neck. After a few weeks of regular adjustments my lower back wasn't hurting as much either. I am very appreciative of the help Dr. Travis and Dr. Alisha have given me and bringing back motion and movement to my body. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of Chiropractic care!

Sara K.

I was in a car accident back in July of 2015. The ER doctor recommended Dr. Travis so I decided to come in for care. Both Dr. Alisha and Dr. Travis both are amazing! Through the help of the back and neck adjustments, I was able to reach the goal of my original health pre accident. I was given at home exercises that helped in my recovery too. Chiropractic has enhanced my daily activities a great deal. At first, I wasn't able to do any of the exercises, stand, cook, do laundry or any other household chore. I kept up with the treatment plan and at home exercises and 6 months later I notice a HUGE change. Thank you Dr. Travis and Dr. Alisha!

Cheryl S.


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